I began my business as a Seattle photographer with the goal of filling a gap for families that want candid, dreamy, romantic photos filled with genuine connection and emotion. I consider myself a storyteller with a camera. My sessions always deliver images that reflect who you are in the moment. I may suggest certain prompts or lighthearted games to help break the ice, but I always have my camera ready to capture all those in-between moments when they happen - and they always do. I like to call my sessions unposed with a dash of energy and movement folded in. I love photographing families, newborns, couples from all walks of life, adventure elopements, intimate weddings, engagement sessions, surprise proposals, and at-home lifestyle sessions.

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We can't stop time, but we can freeze moments that matter the most to you. Let's be intentional with the time we spend together.

Born and raised in beautiful Southern California with a large extended Latin family, we spent a lot of time outside enjoying all the iconic California beaches, camping at Sequoia National Forest, and generally soaking up the year 'round sunshine. After leaving California for Seattle over 17 years ago, I completed my degree in Graphic Design and worked as a freelance visual designer with a focus on composition and visual concepts. Photography and capturing people has always been an interest of mine, so I switched my creative focus to picking up a camera. My heritage and background is also an important element that shapes my art and how I see the world. As a first generation child of an immigrant single parent household, we had to make do with very little. To entertain me, my Mother watched old movies with me, played lots of classical music at home, and told me stories that were poetic and powerful - and she was always up for an adventure. Those stories, movies, music, and experiences directly impacts how I tell stories as a visual artist. When we meet, tell me some of your favorite films that are unforgettable. I could talks for days about why mine matter so much. Visiting my blog, portfolio, or Instagram page is a great way to see what it's like to work with me or to see examples of my work. Want to learn more? Visit my pricing and session menu page.

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Maria is amazing! We booked her for a newborn session and could not be happier. She made us feel at ease while photographing us in our home and really took her time with us. Her work is breathtakingly beautiful and the photos she captured of us are just gorgeous! We will cherish these images forever.

Jessica Z.