Adventure sessions with families and couples are not just about capturing photos with a unique backdrop. It's really about the experience once you get there. Taking in the surroundings and getting to live it with your loved ones. This family session with a family of four was a chill and laidback photoshoot for this family that wanted something a little different for their family photos. This location is really great for slightly older kids or couples due to the amount of rocks at this spot.

Little boy with blonde hair wearing pink checkered shirt sitting in tree stump with blue sky background

What makes this spot special for so many different occasions are the tree stumps that dot the lake and are large enough for kids to explore and sit in. They are safe to climb with natural footings and provide a fun experience for picture taking. I love this photo of this little boy sitting in his chosen tree stump with the blue sky in the background. It was a good night in the last days of Summer to go exploring.

Little boy wearing brown blazer resting head on arms sitting in tree stump with little brother
Little boy wearing light brown blazer leaning on tree stump with brother in background at Rattlesnake Lake
Parents holding hands with little boys throwing rocks in lake in between them

With scenery that shows off the beauty of Snoqualmie, WA, the mountain and lake views really give off a nostalgic experience for family photos. In the colder months, the fog starts to roll in and it can be a romantic location for couples, weddings, and mini adventure elopements. Adventure sessions are really great in the Pacific Northwest through the end of October, but if you want to book ahead of time for an adventure session and have something particular in mind, it's never too early to get in touch.

Wife resting head on husbands chest looking at camera
Mother holding hands with sons walking on rocks at Rattlesnake Lake