There are spots outside of the city that look as beautiful as you can imagine them to be. The great Pacific Northwest offers so many amazing spots to take photos for family, couples, and adventure elopements. Let's talk about this spot in particular that is about 2 hours from Seattle, WA. It has the most amazing golden hour sunset light that looks and feels like scenes from your favorite film. Surrounding beach views with the most beautiful aqua and deep blue water that is unique to this beach. With dramatic cliff areas that bring you to two different viewpoints of separate beach areas, you're bound to feel as if you're in a faraway place. There is a good level of safety involved with this particular location when visiting the highest point, but there is also a small beach area that makes for a perfect spot for a family session.

Pregnant mother wearing white dress holding bare pregnant belly Rosario Beach

With all of my photos, I like to create a mood. Visiting spots such as these takes a bit of effort with managing schedules plus finding the right wardrobe that is so essential to achieving this cinematic look. I promise you it's all worth it. At this point in my photography career, I work closely with all my clients to help them choose outfits that feel comfortable and also work for professional photos. This particular evening gave us lots of wind with glowing light that perfectly illuminated this beautiful mother. Would you frame this? I know I would have loved a photo like this when I was pregnant with my little boy.

Pregnant mother in white dress standing barefoot holding belly against water views

One of the many reasons that photographers cherish golden hour light (that hour just before sunset) is that it looks flattering on everyone. It softens, flatters, and in general just makes for some magical portraits. Playing with this kind of light is so fun, especially when you have a photo that lights up a gauze dress like this. This where choosing the right dress or outfit comes in handy. Trust your photographer! We photograph many people in many different lighting and background situations. We know what looks good on certain body types, and skin tones. And we want to show you how beautiful you really are.

Female hair blowing in wind walking with partner at sunset Rosario Beach

In addition to family and couples photography, this is the year that I will be taking on intimate weddings and adventure elopements for couples from all walks of life. If you're ready to plan an unforgettable adventure to a destination location, contact me online. Let's talk about what lights you up and gets you excited!