In my recent post, I talked about how to prepare for your family photoshoot. Part of my services that I extend to all my clients includes outfit consultation and guidance. You would be surprised how important it is to wear outfit colors that work cohesively together as a couple or a family. It helps to create an aesthetically pleasing color story that makes the individuals stand out. Depending on the background, environment, certain outfit colors will show up better than others. They do it all the time in the movies, so why not bring that same concept forward for your photoshoot?

Female in light brown dress looking out window with floral display on wall

Which is why I am happy to announce this exciting update for all my clients. Having a client closet helps to take away some of the stress of what to wear. It depends on the location, time of year (bundle up during the colder months), and sometimes even the time of day. I often say that I like to treat all my sessions likes scenes out of a movie and while that may sound dramatic, it helps me craft and build a story in my head. Wardrobe is a big part of that, just like it is for the movie industry. Before every session, I like to visualize a storyboard and often take notes beforehand - a beginning, a middle, and an end. This method even works for my mini sessions.

Female wearing long white floral detail dress looking out window

Romantic, easy, and comfortable is what I always go for when suggesting outfits for my clients. You need to be able to move in them; especially critical for families. Dads! Think about what will feel comfortable when I inevitably ask you to lift or throw your kids in the air. These new pieces that I've just added to my client closet are focused on the ladies, mothers, and partners. Once we have Mom's outfit picked out, I find that everyone else's outfits will naturally fall into place. The colors I have chosen work specifically for how I edit my photos (neutrals are always a sure bet), and I will be adding an array of colors and outfits throughout the year.

Female holding florals holding up white lace dress looking out window

When you book a session with me online, my website automatically sends you an outfit guide to help you navigate what to wear for your photoshoot. This has worked generally well for most of my clients in the past. I also prefer to set up a virtual meeting or phone call briefly before our session to help break the ice, but mostly to get to know you beforehand. I'm always happy to offer the additional service of outfit consultation and now the added benefit of a client closet. These dresses work for maternity, families, and couples alike. Please feel free to request some pieces from this capsule collection so that we can ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your scheduled day. Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I post updates on new wardrobe pieces, fun places to shop for kids, and special session dates throughout the year.

Female sitting in rattan chair wearing light brown dress looking out window
Female wearing brown floral dress holding up hem in studio
Female wearing light brown ruffle dress kicking up leg looking at camera
Female wearing white puff sleeve cropped blouse and skinny blue jeans
Female wearing white puff sleeve cropped blouse and skinny blue jeans
Female wearing khaki green babydoll dress with black clogs
Female wearing short sleeve baby doll floral dress barefoot
Female wearing floral brown blouse and blue jeans smiling sideways