One of my favorite new spots to adventure outside of the city just happens to be less than a two hour drive away from Seattle. Located in Coupeville, WA, Ebey's Landing is a magical place that I'm not sure a lot of people know about. It is sincerely stunning, expansive, and dramatic with its views from high atop the trail that leads to an even more dramatic view if you're up for a short hike.

Female couple embracing in wildflower field Ebey's Landing

Capturing couples in beautiful locations is a new favorite type of session that I'm greatly enjoying right now. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I've been posting quite a few couples of styled elopements and intimate wedding sessions that I've been grateful to be a part of. This is also a great time to mention that I have added elopements, and weddings to my pricing packages online. I began my career as a wedding photographer and I'm excited to jump back into that particular niche again.

Female couple holding coat above head at sunset Ebey's Landing

One of the main reasons that I love photographing couples is showing all areas of love, and true emotion. I'm not sure that I will ever be the type of photographer that will ask you to pose since I greatly believe that this doesn't produce authentic moments. Many of my clients come to me specifically for the fact that I offer candid, natural moments. This session was no exception and was a true couples story told from beginning to end. We agreed to have them wear their own clothing pulled from their closet; which is always preferred by me with a touch of styling guidance. My only request that they each wear one matching outfit piece, but the rest was flexible. I asked them to bring coats in case it got chilly, which it did, but we also used it as an accessory to make the photos interesting. This also gave them something to play with. Swinging the coat, using it as a blanket, or simply holding it above their head which resulted in this sweet moment.

Female couple laughing holding hands sunset session
Two girls adjusting sunglasses wearing wide brim hats Ebey's Landing

Being playful with each other is always welcome, encouraged, and highly appreciated by your family or couples photographer! These are the candid, natural moments that I crave and that my clients are always craving. The more movement during the session, the better! And like I always tell my clients, I never turn my camera off during a session. I'll follow you and circle around you to capture all the different angles and expressions that you maybe didn't even know I was capturing.

Female couple standing in wildflower field couples session

I want all my couples to feel safe and welcomed in front of my camera. This is so important to me! I don't ever want my clients to feel like they can't be themselves. Capturing these moments and delivering high quality images for you is of utmost importance to me. And you can always count on me not missing a single moment. Interested in a couples session? Book online through my website and tell me all about your ideas and story.