A full, sunny day made this adventure elopement in Quincy, Washington so memorable. If you love an editorial vibe or look to your wedding photos, then you might want to consider a sunny day. This beautiful couple had so much fun running around the desert with a bunch of eager Seattle photographers ready to capture their incredible chemistry and energy.

Wedding couple standing in bright desert sun Quincy Washington

When you have an epic backdrop of the beautiful canyons and hills like this, it's easy to take beautiful portraits. This couple were so beautiful inside and out. They were taking in every moment and truly giving us so much emotion - it was incredible to witness. The bride's dress was so beautiful when the breeze hit; it made for some pretty dramatic moments.

Wedding couple staring at bright desert sun Quincy Washington

You don't need a fancy wedding dress or bridal attire to have a beautiful moment. When it's just the two of you or if you decide to invite a small group of family, friends, and loved ones to witness your special day, amazing moments will happen no matter what. I love seeing couples display their genuine love and excitement in front of my camera. I capture it all. The intimate glances, holding hands, the secret smiles - I love it all!

Female with green died hair holding neck Quincy Washington
Elopement couple leaning in for kiss in desert Quincy Washington

It's so incredibly important for me to include all images of love with people from all walks of life. I consider myself an inclusive wedding photographer for Seattle couples. I want my business to be a safe space for everyone to express who they truly are inside and out. Intimate weddings, adventure elopements, and small formal weddings are where my heart is. If this type of event speaks to you as well, contact me online and let's begin the process of picking the perfect location and time of year.