One of my favorite new locations to photograph at just happens to be about a two hour drive away from Seattle, WA. Located in the beautiful town of Anacortes, WA, Ebey's Landing is a gorgeous spot for Summer beach sessions. With a dramatic hike that leads up to an amazing beach view, it provides sort of a meadow runway for family, couples, and maternity sessions. I would even recommend it for an engagement photoshoot or an adventure elopement.

Little girl wearing pink dress holding hands with Mother and grandmother walking towards sunset

On this particular night, I had the pleasure of capturing a multi-generational family in the middle of Summer. My client's parents were visiting from out of town along with her brother. They decided to book an adventure session to celebrate the occasion of a newborn and their toddler. These sessions are always fun because of the multiple family combinations there are to document. Lots of personalities and age groups in one epic location is always a fun challenge that I'm willing to take on.

Little girl wearing pink dress sitting with Grandmother holding her face

My client's sweet daughter was so happy and excited to be spending time with her grandparents. Since they were so interactive with her and kept their focus directly on her, I was able to document so many cute moments that I hope they will cherish for a lifetime. I'm sure she thought she was on one big playdate with her entire family. It's so important to interact and keep your attention focused on the kids during these late in the day sessions. Kids will reward you with smiles as long as you play with them and connect. I see it happen every single time. Let go of any expectations you have of the perfect family portrait and you'll be much happier with the results.

Mother holding newborn baby wearing all white outfit at Ebey's Landing

And of course, there was a newborn baby in the family to celebrate. I simply can't emphasize enough how much I appreciate it when clients take the time to put so much thought into their outfits. This gorgeous Mama picked out a lovely dress for her session that really complimented the beautiful blue waters of Ebey's Landing. A simple, all white newborn outfit with warm matching socks was perfect for the baby.

Mother holding up newborn baby against setting sun at Ebey's Landing

When I have a Mother and her newborn baby attending a session, I really spend a few extra minutes capturing some special moments for them. The bond of Mother and child is special and so important for me to document. After all, these moments are fleeting and go by so fast. I adore this image of my client holding up her newborn against the beach background of Ebey's Landing with that tiny starburst of golden hour light just peeking through. One of the reasons I love this location is the wide open field that just acts as an amazing backdrop for any type of session.

Mother snuggling newborn baby at sunset while smiling

I always ask my clients if there are any important photos that they want me to capture during their session, but one of my most important images is the one above. For me, there are lots of elements to love about this portrait. She is smiling and looking back at her family who are cheering her on and the baby is snuggled in close to her. The sun peeking through in the corner is just the icing on the cake, and this is exactly why we urge our clients to schedule their photoshoots during golden hour.

Wife holding husband's face and kissing him while he holds her up at beach
Husband holding up wife and looking at her smile at Ebey's Landing

And if we have time left over during a session, I always try and capture Mom and Dad as a couple, because after all, that is just as important to document. It's nice to look back and remember what you looked like when the kids were young. In a beach setting with a beautiful sunset in the background, it's simply a must!

Couple holding newborn baby walking on beach during sunset

I'm so glad that I was able to capture this beautiful extended family session for this client. I know that capturing these moments at a special location such as Ebey's Landing is so important for everyone involved that took the time to prepare, plan, and schedule the date and time. If you're interested in traveling a bit further out of the city, I have a few special locations in mind for the remainder of 2022. Adventure sessions can still be scheduled until the end of October as long as weather permits.