The weather this Fall has been so unpredictable for October in Seattle, and that can make for some challenging coordination and scheduling for Seattle families and Seattle family photographers. However, if your schedule is fairly flexible and you can commit to 30-60 minutes for me for a beautiful Fall family photographer session, I promise you that a sunny day in Autumn is totally worth waiting for!

Dad holding little boy's hand wearing denim jacket Clark Lake Park

This particular family of three (aren't they just the cutest?) really stayed in close contact with me regarding the weather, and when we spotted a sunny day, they immediately suggested we move our scheduled Full Session to that date. As an outdoor Seattle photographer that is constantly juggling schedules, I can say that this flexibility was greatly appreciated! Being able to follow that sun produced a golden hour photoshoot that produced beautiful colors, happy faces, and a relaxed family session.

Mom holding out hands with baby sitting on lap at sunset
Dad wearing gray shirt kissing little boy Clark Lake Park

Can I also just mention Dads during family sessions? When I have a Dad that is this loving, interactive, attentive, and engaged with their child and partner during the session - everyone is happy! Your child will respond to all your enthusiastic smiles and warm gaze. Enjoy this moment with your partner and your family. This is your time to connect and make some memories with your family.

Dad giving little boy piggyback ride Clark Lake Park

Children are smart and so are babies! They can tell if you're stressed or irritated. I like to tell my families to refrain from disciplining your kids during a session or telling them to smile for the camera. Getting them to smile is my job, however, if Mom or Dad wants to hop behind me and do funny faces like this Mom did for her baby - well, then I'm just gonna love you for it. But honestly, try to avoid looking at my camera during the session. I want to see your connection that you have with your partner. Gaze into each other's eyes, admire your children and the love you've created together. My job is to capture your true story and who you are right in this moment while I have you. I promise you I will deliver beautiful pictures that you never even knew were possible.