One of my destination locations that I am so excited to hold sessions at this year is located about a two-hour drive from Seattle, WA. Living in the Pacific Northwest has lots of benefits, and having picturesque locations this close to the city is definitely one of them. A local photographer put out a call for a styled family photoshoot content day and I was so glad that I signed up for it. I had the chance to photograph a maternity session here a few months prior, so I was excited to add an entire family portrait session to my portfolio. It's a great way to show what's possible at these amazing locations.

Girl wearing denim jacket and yellow checkered dress holding purple wildflowers Rosario Beach
Family of six embracing and looking at each other at Rosario Beach

I love the mix of neutral colors, with a pop of red in her daughter's sweater; such perfect hues for the aqua blue backdrop of Rosario Bay; which is located just north of Whidbey Island in Anacortes, WA. The accessories are also key here - note the white knees socks and the shoes. As family photographers, we are always available to you as your unofficial wardrobe consultants. We have clothing items available for checkout from our own client closets that is an extension of our services to you. Dressing a large family like this can be stressful for Moms, so we want to take away that stress and make the process easy.

Mother sitting with daughters on grassy slope father in background holding son Rosario Beach

Is it worth the effort it took to coordinate everyone's outfits? I guess you'll have to see what you think from these photos. Drop a comment on my Instagram page and let me know what you think! Personally, I think Whitney nailed this look. In Spring, the grass is a bright green, and these light rust colors are beautiful with the ocean water behind them.

Mother laughing with daughters in wildflower field Rosario Beach

I simply love this sweet photograph of this Mother snuggled and laughing with her daughters. Her husband and little boy playing in the background add a sweet sentimental value to this image. When I can get smiles out of my family sessions, I feel as if I've won. This was such a beautiful night and I sincerely hope this family has this keepsake memory for life.

Family of six picking flowers with water views in background Rosario Beach

A part of every session for me are what I like to call transition photographs. Part of telling a complete visual story for me is capturing a family just being present together. These images are part of what I hope any family photographer would capture for me. To me, these are impactful instead of just the static images of people standing and posing. Candid captures of your family interacting, talking, laughing and showing their true emotions is what I'm always after.

Father giving daughter wearing red sweater piggyback ride Rosario Beach

This location is so special simply for the fact that there are multiple spots and viewpoints for families and couples to interact. The tall dramatic Pacific Northwest trees in the background, the beach area at your feet with driftwood scattered around. Rosario Beach in Anacortes has to be one of my top favorite spots for family and couple sessions. This night was a bit overcast, but it was still beautiful! It's even more stunning at golden hour on a warm, sunny evening!

Mother wearing floral crown looking down at daughter against driftwood background Rosario Beach

One of my main goals this year is to photograph at various destination locations around the PNW. I'm looking for families and individuals that desire photos at amazing locations. The hikers, the ones who drive up the coast just to watch the sunset, the mountain climbers, the ones who take their kids hiking during the week. If this is you, reach out to me and let's talk about capturing your adventures on film. My Summer 2022 schedule is now open online.