Blonde pregnant female holding belly

At some point throughout the year, the weather in Seattle dictates that photo sessions be held indoors. We tend to have a shorter season for Spring and Summer, but for me, that's what always makes it more special. This year, I will be pivoting many of my sessions to studios to continue serving all my clients that are seeking family photos, newborn photos, maternity photos, or even a family reunion. Maternity sessions and the timing of when to schedule your maternity photos is particularly important. I usually recommend scheduling a maternity photoshoot somewhere between 28 to 36 weeks along. Sometimes, life gets ahead of us and if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, then I would recommend closer to 28 weeks. The lovely thing about holding a studio session for your pregnancy photos is that it's completely private.

Larger studios offer plenty of natural lighting, and many of them have dressing rooms, furniture, and even enough space to bring in a makeup or hairstylist - many of whom I can recommend. This particular client really wanted outdoor photos, but her due date fell around late Fall and the weather was not going to cooperate. With her due date quickly approaching, we decided to schedule an indoor studio and held the session later in the day to give her photos a moodier vibe. She really wanted to capture Fall colors and darker shadows, so scheduling this session around 5pm worked perfectly. We put on her favorite music and worked in different areas of the studio to capture her beauty.

This client did hire a makeup artist and a hairstylist for her day, did a quick change in the attached dressing room and then we were ready to go. Shoes were not necessary for this photoshoot. I love the starkness of her black flowing gown against her lighter skin. She really looked like a beautiful Old Hollywood actress.

This year, I will be holding more studio sessions throughout Winter at various studios located in Pioneer Square, the International District, and in downtown Seattle. Their rental prices range from $80 to $100 an hour. Scheduling a session in the morning is a great option for families, couples, newborns, or maternity clients. I find the morning times are popular since they give the best natural light. A lot of these studios are a blank slate with white floors and large tall windows, but many of them have furniture and accessories to help them feel more like home. Feel free to contact me in advance for your upcoming occasion and I can make sure to schedule an available studio for your photo session.