Maternity sessions are very special to me. As someone who struggled for a while with the path to pregnancy, I can relate to the many mothers who struggle with the same. Pregnancy and being able to conceive your own child is a gift that I know does not happen easily for everyone. When I am asked to photograph an expectant mother or parent, I take this request with the greatest of humility. It's hard not to wrap my own emotions around it, but I take great care to consult with my clients from the very beginning to make sure they feel honored, respected, and beautiful.

Couple nuzzling faces at Discovery Park
Pregnant mother wearing light blue dress holding belly Discovery Park

There's a certain softness in an expectant mother's gaze that I love capturing while taking photographs. A joy, and a restful look of love that comes when we've reached a point of being able to relax and enjoy the moment. There is so much pressure to look a certain way, but I can promise you that mothers always look beautiful throughout pregnancy. The glow is there and present and it shows as we take photos together. Gazing in your partner's eyes reminds you of how your story began, and when I see that connection and softness start to appear, that's when the beautiful moments happen. It's truly not about the outfit you're wearing, although I will certainly advise you on what looks best, but more so the look in your eyes. It's the happiness, and the knowing that your beautiful child is on it's way - soon to be held in your arms.

Couple touching foreheads holding hands above heads eyes closed

The journey and path to parenthood presents as a different and unique story for everyone. Whether it was difficult, happy, or full of emotions, it's worth documenting your moment in time. If you choose to photograph with your partner, I like to take the time to capture some photographs that truly capture the emotion and love of your relationship. Respecting yourselves as two separate individuals and honoring your presence in each other's lives is something that is truly important to me. Perhaps these photographs can act as a reminder of how you began and a wonderful memory to look back on during the journey of raising a child.