Your photographer is always going to encourage you to not wait to book your newborn, baby, or family photography session. Life moves fast and that seems even more apparent when you have a newborn baby. I would encourage you to consider booking a yearly family session so that you can document your kids throughout all their stages with beautiful photos; not just photos that you've snapped on the go on your mobile device.

Mother holding baby up tiny white flowers Discovery Park

Professional photos are worth taking and keeping so that you can frame them. Does anyone keep photo albums anymore? I personally don't display them out on my coffee table or keep them handy where visitors can flip through them. Personally, I like to keep a minimal home with the least amount of clutter and items to dust and clean. Hiring a professional family photographer gives you the ability to have access to high resolution family portraits and candids that you're going to want to display and have framed.

Family of three holding baby at Discovery Park

The photos that I capture are the ones that you may not expect that you will love the most. Freezing moments for my child, and families and couples that choose to hire me is what I do. The way your baby laughs when they're 10 months and that look of joy is what I'm looking to capture. I don't know about you, but I don't remember all the cute, adorable little nuances that my child did unless I flip through my images of when he was a certain age. If you're lucky enough to be parents to multiple kids, I imagine it gets even harder to remember what each child did at every stage.

Newborn in bear outfit held by Mother at Discovery Park

Summer is just around the corner and it's a perfect time to capture kids enjoying being outside, running around, watching the sunset with your loved ones. Put together a tiny picnic for your family, choose your favorite location that you want to remember, and then hire me to come along and document it for you through photos. I promise you that even the simplest moments can turn out to be the most beautiful and memorable.