Wildflower season in the Pacific Northwest is popular for good reason. It lights up all the meadows all across Seattle, and Oregon and it's a colorful hint that Summer is not far away. One of my favorite styled photoshoots that I attended this year was going to take a long six hour drive total to get to, but it was well worth it. See my previous blog post about the styled elopement that we photographed on the same night! Luckily, it was going to be clear with no rain in sight and that's just what we needed for this content day.

Guy spinning girl in wildflower field black and white photo

I've really been enjoying photographing couples lately and the two couples we had on this night were incredible models. They are actual couples in real life so when the love is real, my camera can always tell. Couple photoshoots and sessions are one of my favorite new type of session to take on in 2022, so if you're wanting to document a cute date night, celebrate an engagement, capture a surprise proposal, or simply just document a day in the life, I'm your girl! I have a variety of session packages online depending on length of time and what type of setting or location you're interested in.

Couple walking holding hands walking in brown field Seattle couple photographer

On this particular night, we had the gorgeous backdrop of the Columbia Gorge river on the Oregon side as our setting. Spring wildflowers were blooming everywhere and they only happen for a short period of time during a certain time of year. It was quite the experience walking into this field of colorful flowers. It felt so joyful! I really can't recommend enough booking an adventure session outside of the city. Driving to this location was so scenic - we drove past the famous Multnomah Falls in Oregon - another spot I highly recommend driving out to. Photos at these locations is a memorable experience that stays with you and the fact that you have a chance to document them makes it even more special.

Girl getting piggyback ride from boyfriend at Rowena Crest Viewpoint
Female leading male in wildflower field Rowena Crest Viewpoint

Couples, adventure elopements, and intimate weddings are some of my major goals for this year and beyond. I'm a sucker for a good romantic moment. If your heart is pulling you towards capturing your love at a beautiful location like this, contact me online at Maria Alcantara Photography. I have custom quote packages for weddings, elopements, and intimate private weddings with engagement sessions rolled in. Let's build your story together!