The time after a family welcomes their new baby into their household is worth documenting. The days are long, but oh trust me when I say this time is short. There's a wonderful podcast called The Longest Shortest Time that perfectly documents stories about parenthood throughout all it's crazy and wonderful stages. The stories are hilarious, sentimental and a wonderful elixir for any parent struggling or needing to feel understood on the exhilarating roller coaster ride that is parenthood.

New parents gazing at newborn baby laying on bed

I say this a lot, but every time I'm invited to visit and document a newborn at home with their family, I am reminded at how much I enjoy them. There's nothing like the intimacy of watching new parents coo and exclaim kind and loving words towards their new baby. First time parents: I just love you. I see the nervous excitement, the desire to get it just right, the constant love and attention for this new child that you waited so long for. I see it all through my camera lens and it brings up all the emotions that I had when I had my new baby. They are so precious at this age. Their tiny fingers and hands reaching up to grab your face. Their sweet expressions when they lock you in with that new baby gaze as they see everything new for the first time. It's simply my absolute favorite event to document.

Mom and Dad admiring newborn baby in white neutral bedroom

Why do I love at home sessions so much? My style of photography is natural. It's candid, filled with emotion, love, and connection. My families and clients seek out my work to capture all the milestones and epic moments throughout their lives. A single day clip of your family story. Tomorrow will be different, but today, you have a photographer that is documenting you as you truly are. What is more natural than an at home session? In your everyday environment, I find that people are most at ease, relaxed, emotive; and that's when the magic happens. I may ask you to tilt your head a certain way or set up a scene in a certain room, but that's about it. The rest is all you just being yourself in your home sweet home.

Closeup of sleeping baby cradled in Mom and Dad's hands

One of my biggest inspirations for photography are movies. I'm sure any seasoned photographer will tell you this as they eventually discover that most of their influence arrives from the scenes that they grew up watching on television, film, or simply looking through old photographs. That is certainly true for me and it is part of my process as I navigate my way through a session. My at home lifestyle sessions are generously timed at 60 to 90 minutes in length. That may seem long, but believe me when I say that time goes fast. When I arrive, I ask that you give me a quick tour of your home (even better if I can get this time before the day of the session), so that I can determine where is the best natural light throughout your space. Does your house or apartment have windows? Then, your home is perfectly setup for an at home session. I use a high resolution Sony a7iii camera with a versatile 35mm Zeiss camera lens. If your space is small, I also have a wide angle 24mm g-master Sony lens that allows me to squeeze into tight corners. One of the many reasons I love this camera is it's ability to work in the lowest of light. I usually place my clients near a window and that's when we get that soft, diffused light that is so nostalgic for an intimate photography session.

Mother rocking newborn baby with family dog sitting on circle rug

If there are rooms or corners in your house that you want to avoid, I am happy to do that. I know that when a new baby arrives, life can be chaotic and for some families (certainly for our family this was the case) it can take a minute to develop a routine that you feel comfortable with and feel present. At home sessions can be as casual or formal as you want them to be. For this session, we used three different rooms throughout the house to document and tell their family story. This rocker chair was a gift from her own mother, so we made it a point to capture the perfect motherhood portrait. I love this full circle moment. And please notice their sweet dog looking on in the corner of this picture. I can't resist a good fur baby pic.

Mom and Dad gazing at sleeping newborn baby in lap

This entire at home newborn session was so sweet. These new parents never took their eyes off their baby. And who can blame them? She is so gorgeous. I absolutely love capturing these fleeting moments for my clients. If you're interested in an at home session, contact me online through my website to schedule a spot on my calendar. My pricing is listed online and I'm happy to travel for families outside of the greater Seattle area. If you don't feel comfortable capturing photos in your home, please know that a studio option is always available. Studios can be a great alternative that also provide beautiful natural light, comfortable beds and furniture that look lovely for any family or couple and still give an intimate feeling - stay tuned for a blog post about studio sessions!

Father wearing light gray sweater holding baby to chest looking out window
Newborn baby wearing white outfit peeking over Mom's shoulder
Closeup photo of Mom and Dad kissing baby's cheeks