Name a stronger bond than the bond between a mother and their child. Documenting motherhood in all it's imperfect and beautiful moments is a passion of mine. I grew up in a home surrounded by strong female figures. Raised by a single mom, I remember the strength and daily sacrifice that all mothers out there make for their kids. Society as a whole seems to forget how hard mothers work; especially stay at home mothers and parents. The greatest and sometimes loneliest job in the world is to choose to raise a child. As a Seattle photographer, I feel so grateful that I'm able to document getting in the frame with your kids for all Seattle parents.

Little girl wearing white sweater sitting on stool with white bedsheet backdrop

I recently pulled two photographer friends to help me model for some upcoming Motherhood Mini sessions that I will be doing at the end of April. As with most of my photoshoot ideas that I come up with, I had this vision in my head of documenting mothers with their kids in an outdoor setting. Light and bright to celebrate the first days of Spring and sunshine in Seattle. After doing some research, I pulled together some white bedsheets from Target and strung them up on a tree on a very windy day. The wind created this awesome billowy backdrop look that the kids loved!

Little holding white daisy with yellow closeup flower white bedsheet backdrop

The morning light on this day was bright and so sunny which created some beautiful, natural shadows that came through the bedsheets in the background. Don't be afraid to shoot in bright sunlight. Part of being a successful photographer is knowing how to shoot in all kinds of light. Even the best photographers are constantly learning new things every day. Photographer Tip: Pick out some Spring flowers and use them as a fun filter to create dreamy images. It takes some practice, but I love the effect that it makes.

I always imagine every session (short or long) as a little movie playing in my head. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end to every story. Tiny little scenes of your life that play out in front of my camera. This method also helps me not forget how I want the session to run. Taking notes on my phone or grabbing images from Pinterest helps me to remember what I want the final result to look like. I really try not to pose my clients or their kids very much because real life is not posed. Candid, in between moments is what I always deliver to my clients. I feel that candid photos is the best representation of any family, child, or couple.

Mother wearing light brown long dress holding daughter with white bedsheet backdrop

These quick Motherhood Minis are such a great reminder that you don't need a lot of fancy props or even a studio setting to create beautiful images. I had to tell myself this as well when I began to overthink what these sessions could look like. In the end, I kept it simple and I'm so very happy with the results. Let me know what you think! Are you interested in something similar? I may end up doing these in the Summer as well for golden hour. Stay tuned to my Instagram page where I announce sales, promotions, and any exciting travel and adventure dates.

Little girl wearing yellow sweater sitting on stool holding floral bouquet
Little girl sitting on stool with pink bow in hair white bedsheet backdrop