Before I officially start my season, I've been taking the time to invest in education for my photography business. What does that mean? Lots of mentorship phone calls, and attending styled creative photoshoots such as this beautiful shoot that I'm about to talk about. A friend shared this amazing styled shoot with me and after seeing the location, I simply couldn't resist signing up for it. It would mean a long drive from Seattle to arrive by golden hour for a beautiful sunset session, but just wait until you see the photos. Some spots are totally worth the drive!

Wedding couple exchanging vows in Hood River Seattle elopement photographer

This elopement was held at an amazing spot near the Hood River in Oregon. Rowena Crest Viewpoint is a very special spot that features an array of color wildflowers that are made of dreams. Walking into this location on a windy evening was an experience I won't soon forget. It's an incredible place to have a family session, a couples session, or a future elopement or intimate wedding. As an outdoor family and couples photographer, I always practice Leave No Trace principles which also means taking great care to not step on any of the precious wildflowers. It is possible to find what I like to call open patches and still capture photos at spots such as these. Practicing these principles without disturbing nature or the environment also leaves behind a pristine location for others to enjoy.

Bride wearing white dress holding partner's hand laughing Oregon elopement photographer

We were lucky to have a beautiful night to capture this gorgeous couple. Intimate weddings and adventure elopements are on my list of 2022 and beyond goals. I love capturing couples from all walks of life and witnessing their love. These moments are a lifetime memory and trust me when I say I don't take them for granted. Capturing elopements is near and dear to my heart since I myself eloped in Hawaii with my husband 8 years ago. Barefoot in the sand, with a flowy wedding dress and a small number of friends and family in tow, we simply walked onto a beach until we found a spot that felt right to us. My father in law was our wedding officiant and we exchanged vows pre-sunset before anyone knew of the term adventure elopement. I believe back then, it was called destination wedding. We didn't want to refer to it as that because that felt too formal.

Groom holding bride's face bride holding bouquet Rowena Crest Viewpoint
Bride holding soft pastel floral bouquet up to face Rowena Crest Viewpoint

Being able to elope with your chosen partner in an intimate outdoor setting such as this is an incredibly special experience. I know that formal weddings are still popular, but trust me when I say that the memory of an outdoor elopement wedding will stay with you longer. Quite often, I hear brides and couples talk about how fast their special day went, and how they hardly had a chance to talk to any of their wedding guests. When you plan a wedding, you really have to think about what's important to you.

Closeup of groom holding bride's back with tattoo Rowena Crest Viewpoint

For us, we really wanted to remember how we felt on that day and not have that emotion get lost with being rushed around or being forced to stay on schedule for a cake cutting, or group photos - a process that can take up quite a bit of time. Eloping was a much more relaxed experience. We decided to invite a small group of family and friends, but the nice part of choosing our desired dream location to elope is that it was fairly accessible for our family and friends to join + we were able to stay and start our honeymoon without ever having to board a plane. We were able to soak in the environment of Hawaii and the island we were staying on and it made us feel like locals after spending roughly 2 weeks there.

Bride spinning against Mt Hood river backdrop Seattle elopement photographer

When you decide you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you're going to want that moment to be beautiful, memorable, and stress-free. As an outdoor adventure elopement photographer, I can help you plan out the details of your special day to make sure you have a high-end experience for your intimate wedding. We can find the perfect backdrop and put you in touch with talented wedding vendors that will gladly jump in to pull together perfect wedding details to capture and keep forever.

Detail of pink peach elopement wedding place card setting
Bride and groom in grass at low bridal table with florals Rowena Crest Viewpoint