"Come as you are"

When I have time in between family photography sessions, I like to occasionally offer model calls for my clients to explore a certain aesthetic I have in mind. Very often on Instagram and other social media channels, I see families dressed up for their family photoshoots and while I love seeing these pictures, I wanted to show what it looks like when you show up as yourself.

Mother wearing white hat kissing little girl in field Discovery Park

"Let's build a color story"

After doing a quick post seeking a "casual mom" model for an outdoor photo session, I secured a date with this lovely and extremely photogenic family. Before every session, I send my clients an outfit inspiration Pinterest mood board that I am constantly adding images to that inspire me. This helps my clients get ideas for what to wear to their photo sessions, and also helps to coordinate a color story for their family. This particular Seattle Mom chose a stylish one piece jumpsuit paired with a wide brim hat that perfectly fit the mood and location of Discovery Park. These photos were shot approximately 45 minutes before official sunset time.

Couple holding little boy and white dog Discovery Park

"Can we bring the dog?"

Many clients often choose a shorter photo session time for various reasons, but let me say that choosing a full 60 minute timeframe helps to build a more complete story for your family. This family said it was the best reason to stay up past their bedtime and their kids had a blast! Also, I don't discriminate against the furry animal members of your family that you hold near and dear to your heart, so when I get asked if you can bring your dog (will the cat tolerate a photo session?) I always say "absolutely!". As a fellow pet owner, I absolutely love animals and I think it's so sweet when families want to incorporate them into their family photo session.

Father giving two kids piggyback ride Discovery Park

"Play with your kids"

Nine times out of ten, most of my inquiries come from Moms trying to get their entire family in the frame. Coordinating a family session takes time, and I always appreciate it when the Dads get involved. When I get involved, I mostly mean when they play with their kids. I want to see how you interact with your children! And kids always want more time with Mom and Dad. Consider my family sessions quality time spent filling their social, emotional bucket. Their time spent as little people happens so fast. My entire goal for your family session is to capture this moment in time when their whole world revolves around their family time.

Mother and father reading to kids in grassy brown field Discovery Park

"The family unit"

I'm not a really big fan of posed family photos. I will fulfill that request if a family asks for a posed photo through my family questionnaire, but it's not my preferred method. Candid, natural, lifestyle, documentary focused family photos is what I specialize in. It's the soft, intimate moments of how you interact as a couple and a parent that I want to see. This is your family unit. And frankly, that is what your kids will want to see when they are older and want to see pictures of Mom and Dad. This family chose to bring a favorite reader book to their outdoor family session and it was a natural, and lovely way to capture their family photo.

Mother wearing denim jacket hugging little girl wearing teddy bear coat

"Fall family sessions"

Fall is an incredibly busy time for Seattle family photographers. This special time in the Pacific Northwest is right before the holiday season really gets going, so I always advise my clients online to book their family sessions before they even know they will want photographs. You'll have a date on the calendar, and we can worry about the logistics afterwards. Outfit inspiration is everywhere once the Fall season rolls in, and it's one of my favorite times to put outfits together. I love that this Mom chose to bring a cute denim jacket to throw over her jumpsuit. It added extra personality to so many of their photos. And how cute is the fuzzy hooded coat she brought along for her daughter? There are so many ways to add your personal signature on your family session. I'm always an email away for questions or advice on what to wear.