We are lucky to live here. I'm sure you've heard that term before if you've lived in the Pacific Northwest long enough. As a native Southern Californian, I am definitely grateful to live in a gorgeous part of the country where we get to see the seasons change. When the sun comes out, so does everyone in town! And when we start to transition into Fall and colder weather, every outdoor photographer I know starts to check the weather. You can count on me peeking at the upcoming Seattle weather forecast often during the months of September-November, and yes, even December. If it rains (no whammies!), we can always reschedule to a dry Sunny day, but let's talk about gray days!

Mother and father holding little boy's hand walking towards white lighthouse Discovery Park

Gray days in Seattle can be long and kind of a bummer for Seattleites, but I'm here to convince you otherwise! A gray day can be so beautiful and what's more authentic for a PNW family photoshoot? This sweet family of three suggested we take their family photos down by the beach with a lighthouse background for their Mini Session. We chose a time just before sunset hoping that the sun would come say "Hello" for just a minute, but it never did. The sky was gray, and there was barely even a light breeze which was so unusual for this location. The forecast definitely warned us that there would be clouds, but I'm so in love with how these photos turned out!

Closeup of Mom holding white seashells for little boy Discovery Park Lighthouse

This family really delivered with their outfits which so beautifully complimented the backdrop of a beach. This is where your outfit choices really do make a difference in terms of your location. They were perfectly appropriate for this particular session, and their color choices were gorgeous against the backdrop of this gray day. One of my favorite prompts to use with children when they have trouble focusing for the camera is to check my surroundings and find them something they can pick up and touch. Time to find some seashells! This was a perfect opportunity to capture some beautiful detail shots of him holding the shells with his Mother lovingly cupping his hands.

Father wearing green shirt holding little boy looking at camera lighthouse background

When kids get tired, as they so often do, I ask the parents to change spots or locations and maybe take a stroll to get the wiggles out. Here's a perfect opportunity for a parent to pick up a child and do a shoulder ride or a carry and you can bet I'll be close behind to capture all the sweetness of these moments in time.

Father holding little boy on foggy day Discovery Park Lighthouse

As a candid lifestyle photographer, my job is to communicate the way your family interacts with each other in an authentic way. Posing for the camera is not really my thing, although I will always fulfill those shots for you if you wish. Where I see families truly showing their love and their story is when they forget that I'm there! This is when I move around and occasionally throw out prompts like "keep holding him" so that I can get the photo that shows who you really are as a family unit.

Little boy in between laughing parents Discover Park Westpoint Lighthouse

Taking photos can be a very intimate and personal process. I myself get nervous and can often be stiff in front of the camera. I often ask families to get in close, squeeze, hug, tickle, giggle, whisper something funny to each other before I start snapping away. These prompts always lead to natural silliness, love, closeness, and beauty. This is where I always see the happiness come through and it's one of the reasons why I shoot with a Sony camera. My specific camera model is designed to shoot rapidly so you can bet that I'm going to capture you as a family in a split second. And hopefully, you will see the beauty of your own family in my photos.