A recent mini family photo session started off gray and rainy. Very rainy. This time of year can be a bummer for outdoor family sessions, but the good news is that I watch the weather very closely in the months leading up to Winter. I have a few weather apps on my phone that I check frequently to see when those dry spots will happen. It's somewhat of a necessity this time of year! When the forecast is predicting rain, I start to look at what our chances are of completing our scheduled photoshoot.

Family of four standing on lake dock Mt. Baker beach Lake Washington

For this particular family of four, we kept in close contact the day of to see when would be a good time to head on down to a location nearby. We chose a spot together that was easy enough to get to and would produce a beautiful backdrop for a rainy Seattle afternoon. I drove down a bit early to scope out some spots and waited until our time slot of potential dry weather popped up. As soon as it stopped pouring, it was time to go! This family was such a perfect example of being flexible, and going with the flow the day of!

Mother and father holding little girls walking on Lake Washington dock

After grabbing a few family photos on a deck, it began to start raining again. Part of the beauty of shooting in the Pacific Northwest is that the weather can change on a dime. On this day, the rain kept stopping and starting, so that's when we decided to find some tree cover in case it truly started to come down. Good thing there are plenty of trees to hide under in Seattle!

Little girl holding purple flower with sister and Mother in background Lake Washington

We happened to find some beautiful leftover wildflowers which always gives the kids something pretty to focus on. And for the photographer, a good photo op! Note the double bows and the sweet jewelry on this little girl. I just love that she chose to wear these pieces herself. It's such a cute reminder of her individuality. I love this sweet moment of this Mama with her girls. Often, Moms are the ones behind the camera taking all the kid pictures, so I loved being able to capture this little vignette for this family.

Blonde mother wearing brown floral dress embracing daughter Lake Washington

After receiving pictures of their family session outfits beforehand, my whole vision for their gallery was to create a vintage look and feel. If I could make pieces of their gallery look like they were in another time and place, then I know I've achieved my goal. Light neutral outfit colors really carried their story throughout this entire session. I love that this Mama chose this vintage-inspired floral dress since it acted as the perfect backdrop against our chosen location. The tiny purple wildflowers were definitely a tiny remembrance carried throughout their story.

Blonde female embracing husband wearing light denim shirt Mt. Baker Lake Washington

I always try to incorporate images of the parents during the session. This also gives the kids a chance to run around and play and that's always a great photo opportunity as well. However, I really try to take couple images for the partners so that they can also have a record and memory of this time just on their own. I think it's so important for the parents to see themselves for how they truly are in the moment. This time is so fleeting. Might as well take all the pictures!