This recent family of three mini photography session has my whole entire heart. Even though this family scheduled a 30 minute mini session, it quickly turned into a 60 minute and beyond session. When a family is giving me so much love and connection behind my lens I can't resist and will often stay beyond our allotted time slot to soak up all their beauty.

Mother and father holding baby in middle Discovery Park

Truth be told, their baby was very easy, extremely expressive and clearly her parents were absolutely obsessed with her. I mean how could anyone resist this sweet face? I love to see how all families love on their kiddos during a session, but watching new parents and their excitement is truly one of my favorite things to witness. They truly are only this little for such a short period of time. And yes, they will laugh at everything you do when you interact with them in such a loving way.

Closeup of baby wearing pink dress holding parent's hands Discovery Park

When a baby is this little, I love to have the parents hold those precious baby hands and wait to watch their expressions as their baby enjoys standing on their tiptoes. I mean how awesome is it to feel the grass under your feet on a sunny day? Remember what it was like to run in the grass as a kid? This little moment was so exciting for this baby so cue to me snapping away to capture all her adorable expressions!

Mother holding baby wearing pink dress on sunny day
Mother wearing green khaki dress holding baby on sunny day

During a golden hour session, I will almost always have my families or couples turn their backs on the sun in order to backlight them and get beautiful golden halos. However, I've recently started playing with direct sunlight and I love the results I've been getting. At just the right time and angle, I love lighting up my families faces with sunny light. As long as everyone is comfortable and the sun is not directly shining in everyone's eyes, I find that I can get photos such as these.

Parents laying in grass holding baby above head Discovery Park
Dad making baby laugh while Mother holds them Discovery Park

A family that shows up and naturally starts to interact with their kids without me prompting them instantly makes my job easy. This also creates a relaxed vibe that only be achieved by an enthusiastic family that is truly having a good time throughout their session. Probably one of the few times I prompted this family was asking them to lay in the grass and make their baby "fly". The rest of the time I simply asked them to stand in a certain spot and I moved around them as they played with their baby. The sun was slowly setting behind them and it was a beautiful backdrop for these new parents.

Mother and father holding baby in middle at sunset Discovery Park
Baby with blue eyes wearing hooded white sweater smiling Discovery Park

Editing family sessions can sometimes be an emotional experience for me. I get to relive the moments when kids smile and laugh with their parents. I get to witness your unique family connection and your enthusiasm for your new baby's smile. All these personal and beautiful moments can be hard to achieve in just 30 minutes. I love doing mini sessions for families, but let me try to convince you to book a full family session! During my time with this family, their baby took a feeding break and it helped to stretch out their session for a few more minutes. I encourage you to bring snacks for your kids, or a favorite toy that will help soothe your baby or child. Every kiddo is different of course, but trust me when I say that most kids and babies do great in the beautiful outdoors.

Blonde mother holding baby wrapped in cream sweater Discovery Park Fall family photos

Another important thing to bring along during Fall Family Sessions is a warm blanket, sweater, cardigan, or a cute warm weather hat. Fall is for snuggling up and slowing down. I've been asking my new Moms to wrap their sweaters around their babies to build a beautiful Mother and child portrait. This photo was one of a series that I was able to capture for this sweet family. The bond between Mother and child is so special!

Family of three walking with baby at sunset Discovery Park

One of my favorite kinds of photos to capture are what I call silhouette photos. The sun was just beginning to set and in a beautiful open field like this, I like to create a vintage look and feel for my clients. I tend to underexpose for these photos because I'm really going for an old vintage picture book kind of setting - warm colors are key! It's also a nice option to add in to my family sessions since it can create a variety of looks and options for their gallery.

Booking a full family session helps to build a complete family story. And it's your story! It's worth investing in as you will have these photos to share, and print for the rest of your lives. I think most of my clients are surprised at how quickly a full family session can go. In my experience, full sessions can sometimes stretch just past an hour because most families and kids forget the time due to how much fun they're having. The best way to prep for your session is to show my photographs to your kids and partners. Show them how much fun we can have. It's all about building memories for your family.