One of the most amazing families I had the pleasure of meeting in 2021 contacted me from out of state. I'm pretty sure they found me on Instagram and I'm so thankful for the power of social media that brought me to this session. My client wanted to capture family portraits with their sweet baby boy while visiting family here in Seattle. Of course, weather is not guaranteed, so we worked to find a date and time that would ensure clear weather for a classic Pacific Northwest family photoshoot.

Mother holding yellow fall leaf over baby at Discovery Park

As all Seattle family outdoor photographers do around this time of year, we track the weather and this past Fall just happened to be on the rainiest Autumn seasons on record. With that possibility on the horizon, I booked an indoor studio for my client to ensure that we would have a covered space for their family photos during their short window of time that they were visiting. But, as you can see, the weather turned out to be clear. We switched our afternoon session time to a morning time when the light was beautiful and all the gorgeous Seattle fall colors were on full display. As a fellow Southern Californian, this time of year never gets old for me. I grew up with daily sunny days and while that can be beautiful all on its own, the changing of the seasons is something I've learned to look forward to.

Dad holding baby on shoulder next to Mother at Discovery Park

Since my clients were from sunny San Diego, they fully enjoyed the Fall experience that my Seattle clients are so excited to capture every year. And how can you resist these gorgeous bold colors. Everyone really pops against a Fall background! As always, my Outfit Guide was sent to them to help guide their color choices and I have to say I'm super impressed with how coordinated their outfits turned out. The white cream sweater on this beautiful Mother really pulled together their story and acted as an accessory for some close up snuggle portraits with her new baby.

Chubby baby smiling wrapped in Mother's white sweater
Happy baby being kissed by Mother wrapped in white sweater

New Moms are one of my favorite subject matters to capture! I know that we are always the ones behind the camera, so in every session I insist that we build in some meaningful Mom portraits - a request that has never been turned down. The Mom nuzzle with their new baby just tugs at my heart strings and this was one of the sweetest moments during their family session. These new parents had that excited new parent glow and it was such a joy to witness. I always get emotional editing these photos because it's such a short, but long time in a parent's life.

Family of three snuggling baby at cliff Discovery Park

We decided to use every square inch of this park which just happens to be one of the more popular spots to capture families, couples, and children alike. As you can see in the backdrop, the colors were on full display, so I decided to take advantage of capturing a dramatic, and very windy moment. The weather was a bit cold at this spot so we only spent a few minutes here to grab the dramatic skyline, but I'm so glad we did.

Family of three holding baby walking on path Fall colors Discovery Park

Their baby was very sweet throughout the entire session and I don't think he cried even once. He seemed to really be enjoying being outdoors and was simply taking in all the scenery. I love this sweet family combination of them walking back to their car. Even when our session time is over, I tend to keep my camera on in case I can capture a few more sweet moments along the way. The way you interact with your loved ones naturally is the absolute best time to capture you authentically.

Dad wearing denim jacket holding sleeping baby wearing brown jacket

And then he fell asleep. Oh my heart! Is there anything sweeter than a baby that falls asleep in your arms? We were walking back to their car and I quickly brought out my camera to capture this sweet Father and son moment - so cute!

If you're thinking about grabbing a spot for 2022 family sessions, I can't stress enough how important it is to book early for a prime date and time as well as location. Seattle photographers plan their calendars out carefully and I always want to be able to say yes as opposed to the dreaded "I'm so sorry, but I am all booked up for the next few months." I just redesigned my session types on my website to be more intentional, meaningful with time, and to include a wide array of options for incoming families, couples, and yes even grandparents. Find my menu online and please feel free to always drop me an email if you have any questions about how my sessions are designed.