If you dream of a dramatic nature backdrop, of being surrounded by wildflowers, of exchanging vows in a remote location in privacy with your partner, then adventure elopements might just be the kind of wedding you were hoping for. A big part of the romance and allure of elopements is breaking with tradition. I feel that an elopement is for the outliers. The ones that don't follow the rules. Maybe you imagine your wedding like a scene out of a movie. A dramatic mountain backdrop in the Pacific Northwest, a wildflower field in Seattle, or an expansive beach view on the Oregon Coast. You get to control how many people you want to share in your special day - maybe it's just the two of you.

Bridal couple running in purple lupine field in Wenatchee Seattle Elopement Photographer

Besides the privacy and romance factor of an adventure elopement, you also have the added bonus of saving money on your wedding. If you're like me and my husband, we loved the idea of exchanging vows at a beach. A beach vacation is one of our favorite kinds of excursions so this felt like us as opposed to a more formal ceremony at a banquet hall. It was important that our wedding felt true to who we are as a couple. We had always wanted to visit Hawaii, so we found a spot on a beautiful beach in Oahu and exchanged vows with my father-in-law as officiant in front of our close family and friends. It was perfect. There was no pressure or stress besides us getting ready. We didn't even wear shoes.

Bridal couple walking in brown field in Wenatchee Seattle Elopement Photographer

Elopements are not for everyone. You really have to be true to who you are as a couple and what images and photographs you want to look back on. Adventure elopements became popular during the pandemic due to the ease and safety of planning a wedding in the outdoors. You can still bring music, florals, and your special wedding dress. Instead of having a chapel backdrop, you can have the backdrop of a gorgeous field. Instead of walking down a long bridal aisle, you can choose a special nature path. I'm excited to be able to add adventure elopements and small weddings to my photographer services. If you have a dream wedding in your mind and love the outdoors, contact me and let's talk about how to bring that to life.

Bride standing in field flipping long hair with bridal bouquet Seattle Elopement Photographer