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How to get the most out of your session


As a natural light outdoor photographer, the light is everything when it comes to beautiful photos. If you want a soft, golden light, those photos can only be achieved an hour before sunset or sunrise. Golden hour makes skin look soft and completely changes the mood and feel of my sessions. If you are trying to preserve bedtime routines, I suggest booking a morning session to avoid bright, direct sun.


The weather in the Pacific Northwest always plays a role in the location options. Grassy fields, meadows, mountains, and dramatic water views are some of my favorite backdrops.

My Style

Color and outfit choices are a huge part of what makes my sessions successful. Keep it simple when it comes to outfit colors. Earthy tones and soft neutrals always work with my editing style. I am always available to help guide you on outfit selection to and color choices to get the most out of your paid session.