Seattle family & couples photography

(seattle and beyond)

Everyone deserves beautiful, high quality images for themselves and their loved ones. Building images and photos that have a cinematic, and editorial vibe is always my goal. I like to work closely with you to choose an ideal location that communicates a beautiful moment in time, but that also fits your lifestyle and interests. I search for spots around the Pacific Northwest and beyond that communicate a dreamy aesthetic through my camera lens, and capture moments that feel authentic, playful, natural, and fun - we always have fun! In my eyes and through my lens, everyone is photogenic. Get in touch and tell me more about you. It's always helpful to learn more about what kind of session you are hoping to have so that you feel comfortable in front of my camera!

Family of four placing seashells on driftwood log at beach
Family of four leaning and standing on driftwood log at sunset at Lincoln Park
Dad wearing blue shirt giving little boy shoulder ride while holding his hands
Family of four sitting on driftwood with little boys at Lincoln Park
Little boys standing on driftwood at Lincoln Park
Little boy wearing brown sweater and blue shorts blowing bubbles at beach
Mother wearing neutral floral dress holding holding boys with driftwood background
Mother and Father smiling at each other while holding their little boys at Lincoln Park
Female leaning against husband chest at Rattlesnake Lake Seattle family photographer
Little boy wearing brown blazer sitting in tree trunk with brother in background at Rattlesnake Lake
Blonde little boy with curly hair wearing pink checkered shirt sitting in tree trunk Rattlesnake Lake
Mother and Father standing next to each other with little boys playing in lake in background at Rattlesnake Lake
Parents holding hands with detail of little boys playing in between hands at Rattlesnake Lake
Father holding little boy with Mom and son in background in grassy field